The TV show "Mighty Ships" had an episode (Tycho Resolute) about a cable-laying ship installing the Costa Rica connection to the cable between the US and Panama. It showed how they placed the cable under the ocean floor when close to the shore, then how they hoisted up the main cable and spliced in the new… » 2/02/14 2:19pm 2/02/14 2:19pm

The first and only time I took a computer to a repair center wasn't technically the computer, but the disk drive. That would be my Commodore 64's 1541 disk drive (the version with the lever). One day when you turned it on, it just started spinning and wouldn't stop until you turned it back off. » 6/30/13 6:50pm 6/30/13 6:50pm

I always thought the timing signal for the cable box's clock (something like NTP) was just a couple seconds off, so this is interesting. Like many have said I have resorted to adding a minute to every show I DVR. That occasionally causes problems when I want to tape a show or two that start just as another I'm taping… » 6/22/13 4:59pm 6/22/13 4:59pm

I only felt relief...several fewer characters to keep track of, and finally an end to a storyline! Now they just need to end the torture porn scenes with the pirate guy. This show should just be the dragon lady freeing slaves, that's the only noble thing that's happened since this show premiered! » 6/03/13 7:48pm 6/03/13 7:48pm

I just got over this year's flu, it was no fun. What also isn't fun when you're barely able to breathe and really just want to crawl up into a ball in the corner and die is go through a complex recipe. I have no doubt that this would make a great soup, but last week (and most of the week before) I would not have… » 1/20/13 9:55am 1/20/13 9:55am

Vacuum Tub? I see that's what the Samsung site says too, but seems to be a strange name. Think it is a typo on their part? They call out that it has vacuum tubes later. Which in and of itself is strange, though I'm not an audiophile and don't know if tech that old works better in this application. Anyone care to… » 1/05/13 10:49pm 1/05/13 10:49pm